Las Vegas isn’t just about dazzling lights and slot machines. Every year, JCK transforms sin city into a paradise for jewelry lovers like myself. For eight glorious days, I’m immersed in the biggest jewelry event in the world, a whirlwind of nine major shows happening back-to-back, alongside countless smaller exhibitions. Imagine anything you could dream of or design in the realm of jewelry – THIS is the place where it all comes to life!

Immersed in Opulence: A Week of Jewels in LAS Vegas

During this time, the largest show of them all is JCK + Luxury. The show was founded in 1992 as a way to bring jewelers from all over the world together under one roof, and today it is considered the largest jewelry show in the world. The event alone features over 2,500 different exhibitors from every corner of the world, and from every sector of the jewelry industry. There is no way to accurately describe the sheer scale and size of this show, as designers from all over gather to showcase their latest jewelry, product, supplies and materials. From operations to opulence, this show has it all! 

Beyond THE Jewels: Fashion, Food, and Friends

The days here are filled with jewelry, and the nights spent with jewelers gathering to network, attend dinners, concerts, seminars, private parties and trade gatherings. This year I will personally be supporting trade organizations hosted by the Gemological Institute of America, American Gem Society and Continental Buying Group. Most everyone resides under two main locations– the Venetian or the Wynn. 

The jewelry industry is unique in the aspect that it’s far more multi-generational than most, myself included. Many of us have been attending JCK for years in some capacity and it’s never a gathering of strangers, but rather instead a sparkling family reunion with the best of friends! The food, the fashion (8 days… 16 different looks…but who’s counting), the personalities and most certainly the jewelry– THIS is the event of the year not to miss!

Client Dreams Fulfilled: Sourcing the Perfect Jewelry at JCK

To make the most of JCK’s annual event, it’s imperative to have a strategy in place. I spend most of my time exhibiting exceptional natural loose diamonds, occasionally presenting, always networking and sourcing for my personal clients’ wants and needs. I consult with my clients in advance, and head into the show prepared to find the jewelry of their dreams. It gives me exceptional access and opportunities to identify the designers I want to collaborate with on my clients’ wishlists. 

The JCK show is also where I get to experience first-hand the best of the best in diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls, vintage jewelry and cutting edge trends to offer my clients throughout the year. From Hong Kong to Milan, Australia to India and Germany…each region and country has it’s own unique design reach that is attainable during this window of time. 

Your Jewelry Dreams, My Expertise: FINDING Your Perfect Piece

As a private luxury concierge jeweler, my clients come to me expecting the best in every aspect. Jewelry is my passion and as a third generation jeweler, I have spent my entire career committed to quality and the exceptional in every aspect. By now, my clients know that this annual trip is the very best time for me to shop for their most important pieces when there are opportunities and global options at my fingertips. 

I source the jewelry, diamonds and gemstones I offer my clients through my personal network of trusted suppliers I’ve been connecting with at this show for years. As a result, my clients benefit from the strong relationships I’ve established over time. Wearable luxury during this show becomes a value opportunity to attain the piece you’ve been looking for!

To me, jewelry is not simply an accessory, it is my passion, my purpose and a major component of my identity. I consult with clients on the jewelry of their dreams from diamond engagement rings, gemstones, bold gold accessories and a variety of other jewelry needs. My clients come to me with their most important needs, jewelry that is meant to become a brilliant and wearable lifelong memory. 

Your Dream Jewelry Awaits at JCK!

With the event just around the corner, the possibilities for finding your dream piece are endless! From unearthing hidden gems to collaborating with top designers, I use this opportunity to curate a selection that surpasses expectations. With my insider access and expertise honed over years of attending this event, I can navigate the vast collections and find exactly what you’ve been searching for!