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Engagement Ring Concierge & Fine Jewelry Curator

Engagement Ring Concierge & Fine Jewelry Curator

An engagement ring’s best kept secret

Jewelry is more than something that simply sparkles.  The right piece has the unlimited potential to provide a lifetime of sentiment and remarkability. As an established and award-winning industry expert, The Dazzling Concierge has assisted thousands of clients over the years to obtain the very best for their wants, needs and budget through a time-saving process to ensure you end up with your wearable happily ever after.

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Jessica Gylsen - The Dazzling Concierge - Expert Engagement Ring Concierge and Fine Jewelry Curator - Front Portrait

Engagement Ring Concierge
& Fine Jewelry Curator

Awarded as one of the top 20 jewelry industry professionals under 40 in 2022, and as a third generation gemologist and Vice President of an established and respected diamond company, Jessica Gylsen has unique access and an impeccable eye to offer clients some of the most exceptional and dazzling diamonds, gems, and luxury jewelry on the market.

When choosing to work alongside The Dazzling Concierge, you will be offered the very best quality at the best value to suit your taste, style and budget.

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Jessica is the ultimate in the industry, it’s been a joy to work with her.

Her talents and knowledge shine through. Her ability to deliver on her customer's needs is a result of hustle and talent.  Some of it is God-given, but most of it is her inner light, the way she shines because she is happy pursuing her passion.  That is the real magic of working with Jessica.

- Jamie

Jessica has been so amazing throughout the engagement ring process.

You would think being away overseas for 8 months would be difficult shopping for a ring, but she made it super easy and stress-free for me. You can see the love and passion she has for making sure you find your perfect ring. I really enjoyed working with her. I would 100% recommend her to my friends and family.’

- Teemu

Jess was absolutely wonderful to work with in selecting my wife's engagement & wedding ring.

Very professional, knowledgeable, and understanding, she made the process exciting and a whole lot less stressful. I would buy the same ring again and when the time comes for an upgrade, I know she will take care of me.

- Robert

I love working with Jess.

She never lets me settle for anything less than the best, and treats me like royalty every time I work with her! She has amazing connections.  She always listens to my preferences and makes a spot on selection and recommendations. You’re in good hands with her.

- Hannah

Jess has been fantastic to work with!

I have worked with her to pick out a variety of items, and she’s so knowledgeable about what makes each special so I feel confident I am making a good choice.

- Dustin

Jessica has been a family friend and jeweler for many years.

From graduation gifts, custom pieces, engagement rings, and self-purchase, she has been the person my family and friends all rely on. My family and myself have always felt her passion for her industry but never any pressure. Her enthusiasm and vast knowledge of all things jewelry really are exceptional. Jessica really knows how to bring your vision into actuality and with absolutely the most stunning results

- Dave

Jess has been our exclusive personal fine jeweler for years.

She is polished, supremely knowledgeable, accessible, and actively listens to our needs. Her recommendations always hit the mark because she knows us and our personal styles. Jess ensures customer satisfaction by following up on gifts, and she promptly makes alterations or replacements if needed. We feel fortunate to have found Jess, and as long as she's in business, she has ours.

- Peter

We had an exceptional client experience with Jess.

Three things set her apart. First, she genuinely listens and doesn't push an agenda. Second, her communication and speed of work are remarkable. She's quick to respond and always available when needed. Lastly, Jessica's eye for style and passion for gemstones is unmatched. She shares in the excitement of presenting items. Without a doubt, she is the best.

- Jeff

We have always felt genuinely cared for when working with Jessica.

She takes away all of overwhelming details that can come about when selecting important, timeless pieces. There is something so special about being able to trust someone that helps you create meaningful memories with precious jewelry!

- Maighdlin 

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