There is an unfair stigma surrounding pearls, often labeling them as “serious and stuffy” pieces of jewelry in any collection. However, I strongly disagree. The seriousness of high-jewelry is entirely subjective and depends on how you choose to embrace it. It’s only as serious as you allow it to be. Personally, I love wearing my big strand of South Sea pearls with joggers or a simple white T-shirt. With the wide variety of pearls available, there is certainly space in any woman’s collection for more than one strand.

From Black Tahitian to White or Golden South Sea, classic Akoya to playful Freshwater and Kashi, the diverse range of pearl options ensures that there is a type and quality to suit every modern woman’s taste and style. Personally, I’m drawn to strands that make a statement, and my top two favorites are Tahitian and South Sea pearls. These types of pearls are produced by mollusks that yield larger pearls compared to the traditional Japanese Akoya pearls. While a substantial Akoya pearl typically measures 9-9.5mm in circumference, Tahitian and South Sea pearls can easily range from 15-20 mm in size. Given our fashion’s strong influence on white and black, either of these pearl types naturally complements our wardrobes with guaranteed wearability.

When selecting pearls, it is best to seek expert education and assistance to ensure the right quality within each type. As a general guideline, key quality factors to consider include the size and matching of the pearls, their luster, nacre thickness, and freedom from significant blemishes. In today’s casual world, there is ample room for the modern woman to confidently rock multiple strands of pearls, defying any outdated notions.