The resurgence of METAL is here! After a solid decade dominated by all-diamond everything, luxury metal jewelry is now a fashion moment and a trend not to be missed! When it comes to bracelets, chains, and earrings that showcase minimal sparkle, there are still quality indicators that distinguish designer jewelry from mass-produced pieces.

The Gold Standard for Warm-Hued Metals

Different countries prioritize varying qualities of gold, utilizing different alloys as a base. In the US, my advice for warm-hued metals is to stick with 18-karat gold. It contains a higher proportion of pure gold compared to 14-karat gold and provides a richer and warmer hue, especially in yellow gold. Rose gold is alloyed with copper, and offers a wide range of captivating pink shades. The choice between yellow and rose gold is a personal preference. While white metal reigned supreme for many years, warm metals have undeniably made a comeback in fine jewelry and watch fashion for both women and men.

White Metal Wonders: Platinum & White Gold

For white metal, I recommend 18-karat white gold or platinum. These metals will wear differently, have distinct long-term characteristics, and hold different values. Weight is luxury, and the density and substance of platinum are impressive. Over time, platinum develops a patina that lends jewelry crafted from this metal a unique sense of character. White gold, on the other hand, is yellow gold alloyed and often rhodium-plated. In rings, the rhodium plating can be reapplied as it naturally wears away, revealing a warm white hue. It can be more challenging to differentiate between the two metals in necklaces and earrings.

Polished Perfection: The Artistry Behind the Metal

The exceptional beauty of metal jewelry lies in its intricate details. The way each link is meticulously polished and refined, the luminosity it exudes, and the substance it carries—all of these are the hallmarks of superior craftsmanship and a focus on quality. I collaborate with designers from around the world to provide my clients with the very best, even in the simplest of chains.

There is an abundance of beauty to be discovered in jewelry, even in pieces that exhibit minimal sparkle. Embrace the irresistible fashion forecast of exceptional metal jewelry. It’s a trend that celebrates the allure of fine craftsmanship and the enduring elegance of metal itself.