The right piece of jewelry should require a moment of bravery for a lifetime of love, sentiment and wearable passion.  Luxury jewelry becomes wearable art in action, and nowhere is that more true than at Bayco.  When it comes to investing in extraordinary jewelry, much like a fine piece of art or prized sports car, the experience and the options should encompass every emotion one would imagine.  I recently had the distinct honor of visiting the penthouse salon in New York City of one of the finest luxury jewelry designers in the world: Bayco.

Front-Row Access to Wearable History

When shopping for the utterly extraordinary gemstones of royalty, this is where one must visit.  As a private luxury concierge jeweler with a lifetime of industry experience, I am one of few privileged enough to offer this experience to my clients when the occasion and desire arises. As someone who has had years of front row access to some of the very best, this recent visit was an afternoon I won’t forget.  The adage is true; beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when at Bayco? From the entrance to exit and every moment in between, not only is this the jewelry of Kings and Queens but it’s truly the ultimate luxury shopping experience.

The Legacy of Bayco: Crafting History Through Generations

The history of Bayco is as special and original as the gemstones themselves.  Brothers Morris and Giacomo Hadjibay established Bayco in 1981 after spending their childhood in Italy learning about precious gems from their father, Amir Hadjibay. Amir spent his youth traveling between Iran and India which is where his love of gemstones began. As for many of us in the fine jewelry industry, once one experiences the beauty and marvel of Mother Nature’s masterpiece in the palm of a hand, there is simply no other path to follow than to pursue passion! 

Amir’s instinctual eye for color cemented his reputation in the industry within the circles of the elite for his premier gemstones. From there, Moris and Giacomo moved to New York City to begin the next generational chapter of transitioning Amir’s loose gems into one-of-a-kind finished jewelry masterpieces known as Bayco.  Now, it’s time for the third-generation of Hadjibay to leave their mark and influence on the family legacy with Moris’s sons, Manuel and Marco, and Giacomo’s children, Nicole and David, joining the team.  

Redefining Fine Jewelry

The Hadjibay family has impeccable taste which is meticulously executed in every aspect of their company.  Jewelry at this level is far more esteemed than simply an accessory.  The gemstones featured in each design, whether it be the recognizable–such as Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby–or the exotic–like Spinel, Padparadsha and Paraiba– all are top-tier and incomparable. Several years ago, Bayco famously made headlines for acquiring one of the world’s largest gemstones: ‘The Imperial Emerald’ which is 206 carats of breathtaking beauty! 

When it comes to their designs, there are no compromises, Bayco is highly discerning in every aspect.  To be able to spend an afternoon in their NYC flagship’s penthouse salon reviewing their collection and identifying pieces for my clientele was front-row access to history in the making. 

The Art of Gemstone Design at Bayco

From a 20-carat Colombian Emerald Ring to a nine-carat Kashmir Sapphire and a six-carat unheated Burmese Ruby, these truly are gemstones of a collector’s dreams.  While Bayco has garnered a reputation for the ultra elite, the addition of the next generation of family to the team has brought a fresh new realm of influence. 

The recent introduction of several new jewelry collections in diamond and colored gems that are designed with a fashion forward approach and daily wear mentality in mind, ensures that there can be a wearable piece of Bayco history at an attainable level for far more jewelry connoisseurs than ever before.  I know I’m not the only one keeping a keen eye on what’s next to come from the third-generation of the Hadjibay family.

A Career Highlight: Unveiling the Extraordinary

As a private concierge jeweler, I assist my clients with jewelry to mark and celebrate many of life’s most important milestone moments.  From engagements to anniversaries, special occasions to self-purchases, fine jewelry is meant to be extraordinary and celebratory. As a third-generation jeweler and a GIA Gemologist, my comprehensive understanding of colored gemstones at this level is what allows me the ability to offer my clients access to some of the world’s very best such as Bayco.

My niche is my ability to share my knowledge and passion with my clients as I guide them through the experience of selecting the jewelry of their dreams. To be able to share an experience like this is a career highlight and privilege of a lifetime.  Jewelry at this level is so much more than simply an accessory.  It’s a tangible expression of love, investment and sentiment. Whatever the occasion may be, I look forward to taking part in helping my clients attain wearable art such as this and jewelry that becomes wearable history in the making.

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